Unlike other procedures that use high-temperature treatment options, Plasma Therapy uses low-temperature energy to help reduce side effects of the procedure. Plasma Therapy can result in less bleeding, as well as shorter catheterization and overall procedure time, reducing the adverse side effects that can occur with higher temperature treatments.1

Plasma Therapy allows you to return to your normal activities quickly while providing effective, long-lasting results without the need for BPH medications.

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The Plasma Patient

Plasma Therapy provides patients with shorter procedure times, a quick return to normal activities and long-lasting results. Find out if Olympus' Plasma technology is right for you.

Plasma Procedure

What to expect before, during and after surgery and the benefits of a Plasma Therapy procedure.

Plasma Technology

The use of Plasma technology provides safe, long-lasting results for patients, while offering healthcare providers an easy-to-use solution.

The Plasma Portfolio

The wide range of Plasma electrodes have been designed for precision, efficiency and versatility in TUR procedures for BPH treatment.

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2 510(k) - K152092